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Our Morals at the Wigan Diggers Festival

Photo by Al Balmer

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An open mic for radical singers, acoustic music,spoken word, poetry, stand up and sketches

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 We're on a summer break now after a great night in July with fantastic performances and a full room - although it was a bit warm!

Saturday 11th October 8pm

Songs of work and struggle

Helping build support for the TUC march in London on Saturday 18th October

Details of booked acts to follow - open mic spots also available

Saturday 8th November 8pm

Details of booked acts to follow - open mic spots also available

World War 1 commemoration - for peace and international co-operation - our contribution to a folk project about WW1 - check out this website

Armistice Pals

Many thanks to the July floor singers and poets and our booked acts - 

Alan Parry
Michael Burns
Liverpool Socialist Singers

Click on their names for more about them

Michael Burns has posted some videos of some of his set - click here.

If you want to perform, email us to get your name down,
or just turn up on the night. Also sign up to the Facebook event if you do Facebook.

We will try to publicise details of performers in our publicity for the event, including any web links that you send us.

Radical Liverpool open mic /singers' nights are run without a PA.

Click here to play "I want Rosa to stay" from the Our Morals album "And Theirs". Copyright applies to all the music on this website. See the "And Theirs" page for details.

Entry at Radical Liverpool events is normally FREE but we may pass the hat to reward a booked artist for entertaining us. Contribute what you can afford - "from each according to their ability." If you are skint just come along and enjoy a great night out.


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